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I’ve been writing for more than a decade, but to this day, writing “Companions for Life” for Ethos Magazine has been one of my favorite stories to share—both for my own experience and the actual story itself. There I was, a developing writer looking for an adventure and I found myself in an enclosure with a cheetah! My article landed on the front cover for every passerby to see and ever since, whether I’m writing a feature or a product snippet, I always proudly share this story.

“Companions for Life”

I crafted a 2,000-word front-page article, “Companions for Life,” for Ethos Magazine, an award-winning publication focused on multicultural stories. Ellie and Sanurra, an Anatolian Shepherd and cheetah, are two companions that are helping save wild cheetahs. The pair’s unlikely bond helps the Wildlife Safari, the pair’s home, in educating the community about the conservation of wild cheetahs.

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