zulily is a Seattle-based eCommerce site that offers exciting flash sale promotions for top retail brands like Burt’s Bees, Betsey Johnson and Michael Kors. There’s something new every day, which creates an exciting experience for shoppers looking to score a deal, and creates new opportunities for writers, like me, to flex their skills and get crafty with product descriptions. I wrote over 150 product descriptions a day to meet the high-productivity demand from a fast-paced company.

Product Copywriting

I worked on an event with brands starring on Shark Tank, the popular reality TV series that feature entrepreneurs looking for investors for their products. One of the brands, Tipsy Elves, had some cheeky and witty holiday sweaters, so I took off with their style and molded it with zulily’s brand voice and created a site-appropriate description.

copy - funny2
copy - jacket

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